Success Stories

Turnkey Geospatial Solutions Integrated with GIS Capabilities

Sivan Design has years of experience in providing customized enterprise level geospatial solutions integrating ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) capabilities with GIS (Geographical Information System) in a unique tailor-made approach.

Using its proprietary Geo-ERP™ technology, Sivan Design is able to provide its worldwide clientele with an end-to-end solution that exceeds client expectations and seamlessly matches its needs. The technology provides an outstanding platform for:

  • Land and properties management systems for land use management including taxation and billing capabilities
  • Contracts and maintenance management systems covers all the aspects needed to manage large-scale multi-vendor projects starting from the bidding phase to routine maintenance procedures
  • Infrastructure management systems used to increase productivity and effectiveness in managing institutional and municipal infrastructures including water, sewage, gas, oil, cables and electricity

The core team of the company includes software and IT specialists who have been working in this field for over 20 years.

Sivan Design proudly holds the record of successfully providing the largest scale GIS ERP solution performed by an Israeli provider.

Geo-ERP Based Solutions

Developed by hands-on experienced geographers and urban planners, Geo-ERP is the world’s first integrated solution for management of land, properties, roads and underground infrastructure of water, sewage, drainage, oil, gas, cables, etc.

To further understand Geo-ERP solutions scope and the technology encompassed in it, please refer to the Geo-ERP section of this web site.

The Geo-ERP client-server based solution, consist of:

  • Centric information system
  • GIS system supporting desktop and web clients
  • Document management system for digital archiving

Sivan Design turnkey solutions include:

  • Development of large scale GIS computerized solutions
  • Upload, processing, editing and binding of geographic and alphanumeric data onto a central GIS-ERP system
  • Management and maintenance of large scale GIS-ERP governmental solutions