Advantages of Using 3D Visualization and Simulation

Civil Simulate distinguishes itself in three key ways:

  • Simplicity and ease of use – no overwhelming user interface. No complicated calculations. A single mouse click is all that is required.
  • Independent 3D modeler – allows Civil Simulate to build 3D model directly from the drawing’s raw data either from Civil 3D or CivilCAD.
  • Hyper realistic and interactive simulations – fully rendered drive through 3D simulations from the driver’s point of view.

Better and Faster Results

In today’s highly competitive markets, being able to supply higher quality results more rapidly became evident capability expected from civil engineers. On the other hand, due to natural population growth and a rise in motor vehicles sales, a given project’s complexity has increased with the growing demand for wider multi-lanes roads, interchanges, flyovers, etc.

Civil Simulate allows the designer to perform clear, unobstructed, and accurate designchecks within a 3D environment. – from checking model completeness and accuracy, to performing point-to-point visibility checks, to simulating trailing an object ahead of the driver.

Being able to address such issues and correct them while still in electronic version mode saves the designer and\or engineersignificant amounts of time going back and forth for revisions and amendments. Hence, a better final output in shorter design time is achieved.

Major vs. Minor Projects

The need for 3D visualization and simulation today suits any scale project and is not reserved solely to major projects. Since higher capacity computer processing became common and technology today is able to meet 3D software demands more easily, many road design offices use 3D visualization and simulation as an integral part of the design process.