Addendum for Consultancy Services and Implementation of ZILMIS

Addendum signed for consultancy services and implementation of ZILMIS.

The Government of the Republic of Zambia, through the Ministry of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection had requested Sivan Design LTD to provide certain consultancy services for review of the previous Land Information Management System (LIMS) and implement the new system ZILMIS for land information management.

The ZILMIS project had the ultimate target of revamping the Land Information System of Zambia. The Zambian MLNREP broad objectives for the ZILMIS were to facilitate use of land resources and achieve the following goals:

1. Improve people’s quality of life
2. Greater tenure security
3. Increase government taxes revenue
4. Increase productivity
5. Better distribution of land access and ownership
6. Increasing the availability, accessibility and affordability of land services

Goals and targets delivered:

1. The ZILMIS system facilitated in the carrying out of an Institutional Assessment for the MLNREP and in the long run enabled the Ministry to:

• Streamline its processes and work flows by conducting Business Process Re-engineering and hence in the long run better its work operations.
• Assess existing legal framework and where possible propose amendments to legal provisions that affect proposed business processes and workflows.
• Enhance the land records management by introducing electronic documentation.
• Determine the human resource capacity required to effectively operate the system.
• Determine the operational environment requirements for ICT infrastructure, personnel and other assets.

2. The ZILMIS project helped the Ministry to review the former Land Information Management System (LIMS) and thus comprehensively identify the LIMS’ system inadequacies.

3. In the preparation of the Systems Requirement Specification (SRS) Report with the full participation and authorization of Ministry of Lands, the ZILMIS assisted the Ministry to take into account all the user needs

4. The ZILMIS project successfully prepared a detailed Blueprint document. This was a document (to be confirmed and signed off by the Ministry) that was to be used as a basis for developing the new (ZILMIS) system.

5. As detailed in the Data Cleaning and Migration Report, the ZILMIS also successfully provided a platform to formulate and implement an efficient way of cleaning or correcting the data in LIMS before migration to the new system in order to deal with missing, incomplete and complete but incorrect records and run the clean-up method on an initial 5,000 land records, migrating these records to the new systcrn whilst the rest of the records will be migrated by the Client using this method later on.
The consultant migrated 5000 records from LIMS to ZILMIS, develop a method supported by friendly tools for the use of ICT and support in migration of the full database from LIMS to ZILMIS.

6. ZILMIS project led to the design and development of a new new Land lnformation Management System with all land administration functionalities and capabilities of mobile and internet access to stakeholders; The system including the all land administration functionality as required and also supporting internet access to stakeholders according to permission defined by the ministry. The system has an alert module, sending alerts to stakeholders and clients by triggers defined by the responsible users.

7. The project also accomplished the task of carrying out a comprehensive infrastructure needs assessment in order to prepare a detailed hardware specification for the new system;

8. Detailed technical and user manuals for the new ZILMIS system were also successfully prepared according to system functionality and capabilities, and updated accordingly.

9. Another achievement of the ZILMIS was the design of an all-inclusive training and change management programmers in order to build capacity, ownership and acceptance of the system at the Ministry and its provincial offices;

10. ZILMIS also provided the design and development of a versatile accounting and billing system in order to enhance revenue collection and accountability.

Scope of work achieved:

1. The ZILMIS system was designed and developed based on a 3-tier land administration system with centralized system administration functionality.

2. The ZILMIS was designed with access via web based and alert module to mobile.

3. The ZILMIS is a server-client based system that was successfully designed and developed to be accessible by concurrent multiple users in real-time with batch processing capability.

4. The ZILMIS system is a system that was successfully designed and developed to allows for real time remote transaction processing.

5. ZILMS also successfully provided the Ministry with a system that is Geographical Information System (GIS) enabled and cadastre-based.

6. The ZILMIS project also successfully developed a system that can generate comprehensive, accumulative and disaggregated land statistics at an instance and periodically as required by the Ministry and stakeholders.

7. ZILMIS also designed and developed an accounting and billing system that will enhance revenue collection and accountability for the Ministry. The system has capabilities of processing and generating both manual and electronic payments as well as sending bills and reminders to clients.

8. The ZILMIS project also led to the successful design of a system with the capability track the physical location and movement of hardcopy registry files and specified hard copies in all technical registries.

9. The ZILMIS project was successful in installing and testing the ZILMIS system at MLNREP Headquarters and all Provincial Offices.

Data Cleaning and Migration:

1. The successful definition and evaluation between the consultant and the Ministry on how migration process was to be undertaken to ensure smooth movement of records from the old to the new system.

2. The process also successfully converted data from the old system into the required format in the new system, where necessary.

3. 5,000 (land records) were successfully cleaned and migrated from LIMS into the ZILMIS system, in the first of two parts of the Data Cleaning and Migration process.

4. The gaps in the 5000 data records were cleaned and fixed in the new ZILMIS system.

5. The other remaining data was successfully migrated later on by the Ministry ICT with assistance from Sivan Design and development of supporting tools to fulfil the migration assignment.

The ZILMIS project also made important contributions in the organizational, financial and user satisfaction areas.