FERMA-GIS – FERMA Geographic Information System

Project Name: FERMA-GIS – Federal Roads Maintenance Agency Geographic Information System
Client: Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA)
Country: Nigeria

FERMA-GIS is a System that supports the monitoring of the entire road Network of the Federal Highways in Nigeria. The assets monitored using the FERMA-GIS range from the Road Maintenance Projects, Roads inventory, and the entire highways assets under the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Today the web application that will enable the system to provide services for remote user using browsers has been successfully developed for the consumption of FERMA personnel connected over the Head Quarter’s LAN.


Description of the services provided

The project objective is to computerize the management of the entire road infrastructure and assets owned by the Federal Republic of Nigeria under maintenance by FERMA as the agency assigned with the maintenance of the entire Nigerian Highway network.

The project included many activities and services all of which were provided by Sivan Design:

  • Software licenses of servers and desktop’s operation systems, GIS, CAD, etc.
  • Upload of Road GIS/CAD drawings
  • Deployment
  • Training and support of relevant personnel
  • Maintenance routine and ongoing support



Screenshot of the FERMA-GIS



Screenshot of the FERMA-GIS web application



Today FERMA have the opportunity to make information about the entire road network of Nigeria available with just a few clicks on the application developed by Sivan Design. Adequate trainings and man-power development have been given to FERMA personnel who have assigned to take charge of the populating and provision of information from the system.

Querying the system have given additional capabilities to FERMA in data management and project monitoring. Now, streamlined information can be queried in both graphical and tabular form for ease of communicating to stakeholder about the activities of interest in FERMA.

FERMA-GIS project is a Geospatial information system, with CAD drawings, metadata and alphanumeric information. The system brings FERMA managers better knowledge and tools for the management of road infrastructure. The system enables engineers to better plan maintenance schedules.

FERMA-GIS is a multi-tier centralized database that has the capability to provide service to various enabled workstations from various sites. The system is based on the most advanced technology and a highly trained team is operating the system on a daily basis.