Kaduna World Bank Road Information Management System

Project Name: Consultancy Services For Preparation Of Road Information Management System In Kaduna State
Client: World Bank, RAMP, SPIU
Country: Nigeria, Kaduna State

The project includes video survey and wind shield (ROW) survey of distress, IRI data was collected, inventory survey (roads, bridges, and assets). Sivan Design in association with MNM developed a RIMS (Road Information Management System) module for the state of Kaduna: Methodology (engineering and economic), software. It includes a PMS/BMS module (data tables, software architecture, models-traffic, deterioration, decision tree, economic etc.). After surveys finished we import the data into the PMS/BMS modules, analyzed the collected data of the network, and create work plans.


Description of the services provided

The project included many activities and services all of which were provided by Sivan Design:

  • Developing the road data bank (RDB) for the RDP pilot State roads.
  • Pavement management system (PMS) implementation.
  • Bridge Management System (BMS) implementation for prioritizing maintenance actions using engineering-economic criteria and development of local road strategy for the next 5 years.
  • State level surveys management and QA.
  • Data collected: traffic data, IRI, Rut, FWD-Deflections, distress analysis-PAVER, geometry, GPS, Land use data
  • Analysis of collected road network data




  Star Point / Work in Progress



 Road Survey Equipment




 Typical Distress analysis station with 2 LCD screens



 Floating distress survey data form over GIS (one screen configuration)