ZILIMS – Zambia Integrated Lands Information Management System

Project Name: ZILIMS – Zambia Integrated Lands Information Management System
Client: Ministry of Lands, Natural Resources and environmental Protection
Country: Zambia

At the beginning of 2012, Sivan Design commenced ZILMIS – Zambia Integrated Land Management Information System.

ZILIMS goal is to record information about land use and ownership using nationwide remotely accessed centralized computerized system both for the different stakeholders and the general public.

Data is gathered from four sources:

  • Land
  • Certificate of Occupancy (C of O)
  • Ownership
  • Secondary Transaction (Deed)


Client Needs

Zambia Ministry of Lands broad objectives were to facilitate use of land resources and achieve the following goals:

  • Improve people’s quality of life
  • Greater tenure security
  • Increase government taxes revenue
  • Increase productivity
  • Better distribution of land access and ownership
  • Increasing the availability, accessibility and affordability of land services


Project Process

ZILIMS is a geospatial information system with a centralized database serving over 9 remote sites.

The project includes:

  • Software development and licenses
  • Data conversion
  • Archive computerization
  • Hardware
  • Assimilation of work processes
  • Onsite training
  • Routine ongoing maintenance

ZILIMS project focuses on Geospatial capabilities and requires deep knowledge in Land administration and GIS technology.

ZILIMS is used by government officials and the public.

ZILIMS geospatial information system implementation began on January 2013.


Description of the services provided

ZILIMS is a multi-phase long termed turnkey project. It starting by going over, arranging, uploading, processing and binding of relevant data, and will end by allowing every Zambian to retrieve basic geospatial information online from the ZILIMS website.

Sivan Design’s Land Information System (LIS) flexibility allowed fields and values customization according to specific client needs. The LIS is one of the core parts that accumulate the Geo-ERP solution.

Plots information was digitized, geo-referenced and uploaded to the system. Title records were then linked to those plots. During this time consuming process each data insertion team process was monitored by a quality assurance (QA) person that was conducting data validity and quality checks and assuring data integrity.

The most comprehensive system would be useless if its users would not have the knowhow on how to benefit from it. Sivan Design, in tight collaboration with the ministry personnel, carefully studied their needs and was able to design business processes to meet land regulations.

After system assembly, the ministry users will be thoroughly trained from basic computer skills via GIS capabilities to the services and information provided specifically by ZILIMS system.

Sivan Design’s Land Information System (LIS) flexibility allowed fields and values customization according to specific client needs


The project included many activities and services provided by Sivan Design:

  • Hardware equipment including servers and peripherals
  • Software licenses of servers and desktop’s operation systems, GIS, CAD, imaging etc.
  • Rehabilitation of existing land information records and files
  • Data acquisition and conversion of titles, cadastre maps etc.
  • GIS implementation of all relevant layers
  • Deployment in over 9 remote sites
  • Training and support of relevant personnel
  • Maintenance routine and on-going support