Surveying Solutions and COGO Calculations

Note: this product is available in a separate version designated for ZWCAD under the name ZWCAD Civil 10 -Survey

CivilCAD 10-Survey package provides surveyors with professional tools to meet all their surveying needs from field-to-office and vice-versa.

  • Automatic alert and delete mechanism of an overlapping area between two topography surfaces
  • Coordinates having exceptional data can be automatically excluded from interpolation
  • Direct communication with standard compliant surveying instruments (RAW & Coordinates)
  • Unique least squares traverse adjustments solutions including poly network and free network
  • Superior coordinates editor for easy manipulation and filtering
  • Extraction of points by filtering elements from the drawing
  • Complete menu for geometric computations (COGO)
  • Special feature for computing points relative to centerline
  • User-defined sets of codes and their presentation as blocks in the drawing
  • Special features for drawing division for plotting
  • Unlimited import and export capabilities

CivilCAD 10-Survey Features:

  • Intuitive and user friendly editor for editing measurement points within the drawing environment (Autodesk® AutoCAD®, Zwsoft ZwCAD or Bricsys BricsCAD™). Editor includes an interactive update mechanism between the drawing and the list of coordinates in which it is displayed, so that any change in the measurement points that are in the editor will be updated directly in the drawing, and any new point added to the drawing will immediately appear in the editor. Additional editor functions include locating and screening of points by name, area and height, freezing points, massive changes to elevation in points groups and more.
  • Sophisticated and convenient mechanism for computation of measurement observations including options for coordinating between numerous observations, reviewing a number of observations, traverse adjustment, working from multiple stations and full editing of the observations file. All this will be done in an AutoCAD environment all while viewing the results instantly on the drawing, accompanied by detailed computations reports.

  • Complete menu for all geometric computations (COGO) required by surveyors including section computations front and back intersections, locating points on lines and arcs etc.
  • Special mechanism for computing points along centerlines that combine straight, curves and transition curves segments. The points will be calculated as station and offset, single points or by calculating a group of points from a desired station to a desired station along the centerline, by offset or number of desired offsets.
  • Communication for all leading surveying tools in the market including Leica, TopCon, Sokkia and more.
  • Complete sets that allow working with codes in the field and their instant drawing as blocks in the drawing.
  • Rapid line connections in straight lines and in arcs according to a point name, points range or codes. Breaklines definition export to breaklines file.
  • Extraction of points from AutoCAD for setting out in the field in a simple and convenient manner and their direct transfer to the surveying tool. Optional extraction of points both, by a systematic selection of each and every point, or by filtering a group of points according to layer, window, and point type.
  • Complete division of the drawing into sheets in any desirable scale including north arrow marking and aligning the sheets grid and frame to the north, in addition to adding a selected heading for each sheet.

The software is a remarkable tool integrating simplicity of use and an entire scope of features, avoiding the need of using different software to perform required tasks, sustained by experts support team and the solid backing of a solid software house.