David Meshulam Engineering

Better Visual Representations of CAD Project Designs

“We are often requested by clients to revise visualization then and there – we needed a solution that could do just that!” 
David Meshulam, President and CEO – David Meshulam Engineering ltd.


David Meshulam Engineering specializes in full-service engineering, planning surveying and mapping civil and infrastructure engineering projects. The firm is headquartered in Israel.

Key business issues:

Local governments and municipality clients required of the firm to provide better visual representations of project designs as part of their design review process. This requirement can be illustrated by one of the firms’ highly sensitive highway projects in the state of Israel: During local government and public project review, the panel assigned to evaluate and approve the project needed ultimate assurance that the design would be spotless, as the highway would be positioned near a nature reserve – Israel’s national trail, not to mention that the road passed near an urban zoning plan adjacent to the nature reserve, adding concerns whether the road would affect housing and real estate prices in the area. 2D drawings were insufficient for envisioning design and conveying project plans to the public.
Available rendering software packages incurred extensive training costs, required specialized personnel and were difficult to integrate into the project design flow. Engineering needed a visualization solution that would be flexible and user-friendly for the purpose of creating 3D visualizations of its civil engineering projects. Meshulam Engineering selected Sivan Design’s CivilSimulate.
Using Sivan Design’s simulation software package, David Meshulam Engineering was able to influence the public commission and persuade the local regional council that the planned road would neither lessen the pleasant appearance of neighborhoods adjacent the planned roadway nor impede in any manner on the nature reserve.


  • The firms’ CAD designers easily create visualizations from within their AutoCAD Civil3D project, producing highly effective visualizations as per client’s requirements
  • Revenue generating product: visualization provides the firm with a supplementary service offering
  • Revisions to simulations can be automatically updated during project revisions directly from within Civil3D – This capability is so powerful that is allows the firm to immediately act in response to panel requests in real time to a “what if” design scenario and/or a design change!
  • Does not require specialized expertise or extensive training in order to create top notch visualizations