Sivan Design Awarded Technical Assistance to Rwanda LTRSP

Sivan Design Awarded Technical Assistance to Rwanda Land Tenure Regularization Support Program contract by Rwanda Natural Resources Authority

Sivan Design, a global leader in development and implementation of ERP (Enterprise Resource
Planning) systems integrated with GIS solutions, announced today that it has been awarded a
contract for Technical Assistance to Rwanda Land Tenure Regularization Support Program, by RNRA
(Rwanda Natural Resources Authority).

The contract was awarded through an international competitive bid process with the participation of
other established industry players. The project is expected to start in February 2017 and to be
completed by June 2018.

Using DFID (UK Department for International Development) financial support, RNRA contracted the
services of Sivan Design D.S Ltd to provide additional capacity and expertise to support the
Government of Rwanda in the implementation of the RNRA 2016-18 work plan for the LTRSP (Land Tenure
Regularization Support Program), to develop business plan for sustainable land administration, and
provide further consultancy services for change management and innovation team within RNRA, and
public access to land services. Among Sivan’s main tasks for this project is to improve the
capacity of the existing LAIS – Land Administration Information System – by implementing its
leading Lands and Properties System platform – GeoERP/LAPS.

About Rwanda Natural Resources Authority

Rwanda Natural Resources Authority leads the management of natural resources comprising of land,
water, forests, mines and geology. It is entrusted with supervision, monitoring and ensuring the
implementation of issues related to the promotion and protection of natural resources in programs
and activities of all national institutions.

The Lands and Mapping Department of RNRA has been set up to implement the National Land Tenure
Reform Program as provided for by the National Land Policy in Rwanda. The program aimed to improve
land tenure security by putting in place an efficient, transparent and equitable system of land

To fulfill the above, during the years 2009-2013 the RNRA completed the Land Tenure
Regularization program. Following the successful legal groundwork and initial
land registration and demarcation program, the next step for supporting the offered services, is
improving the national land register system, and raising public awareness for registry of changes
of ownership and land transactions.

About Sivan Design

Sivan Design D.S Ltd was incorporated in Israel in 1999 (1996) as a leading provider of GIS
(Geographic Information System) embedded solutions for infrastructures and LIS (Lands Information
System) turnkey solutions.

Sivan’s main fields of expertise include development and implementation if IT systems embedded with
GIS for the control and management of Land uses, Underground Infrastructures, and Roads Network;
development and implementation of policies and procedures for data management and information
collection and processing; land surveying
and mapping.

Sivan Design has gained over 20 years of experience in the fields of GIS and LIS, executing large
scale IT GIS projects all over the world.

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