Sivan Design exhibit at InterGEO, 10-12 Oct., Munich

The new feature in CivilCAD 2006, least square traverse adjustment, was introduced at the InterGEO2006 exhibition and the responses were great.

The new module includes the following components:

* Calculation of the topography points and the traverse adjustment in a single process
* Identification of the traverse or the traverses network and adjust them automatically
* Errors checking for legal angles, distance checks (measured Vs. computed), heights interval checks and orientation checks both for the traverses and every single station (if no traverse correction applies)
* Option to set the calculating parameters: orientation accuracy, distance accuracy and more
* Display of the traverse or traverses network diagram and the surveying process
* Production of a computations report including corrections to each bearing (stations and topography coordinates)

GeoERP solution suite consist of the following GIS based systems:

* LAPS (Land And Property System) – State of the art technology for management and taxation of Lands and properties.
* WIGIS (Water Infrastructure GIS) – Advanced information system based on a sophisticated GIS engine.
* RIS (Roads Information System) – Manage roads & highways projects.
* AIMs (Area 3D Imaging System) – Life-like 3D simulation of a large scale area.