Sivan Design Introduces CivilCAD 2006 3D ACT

Sivan Design is proud to introduce CivilCAD 2006 3D ACT, its flagship software, which provides real-time 3D simulation of any civil engineering project during the entire design process. At a single click, any project can be turned into a lifelike 3D simulation. Products and Solutions Sivan Design CivilCAD 2006 solution suite successfully supports both AutoCAD 14-2007, and BricsCAD V6 drawing environments. An easy to operate Windows based interface, user-oriented functional toolbar menus, and flexible bidirectional import/export capabilities; make CivilCAD 2006 one of the most user-friendly, yet powerful civil engineering CAD tools in the market. CivilCAD 2006 Solution Suite: CivilCAD 2006/ Survey – Surveying and COGO calculations CivilCAD 2006/ Standard – Topography, land development and volumes calculations CivilCAD 2006/ Roads – Roads construction and design CivilCAD 2006/ Pipes – Water engineering solutions CivilCAD 2006/ Full Package – The complete package 3D ACT module – Real-time 3D simulation at a single click Press release: