Sivan Design is proud to announce the successful commissioning of ZESCO GIS main modules.

In 2015 Sivan Design awarded a contract with ZESCO (Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation Limited) for the supply, installation, testing, user training and commissioning of GIS. The project broad objective was to provide support to location based network analysis, planning, design, construction, and operation.

In September 2018, after 2 years of comprehensive work, the system is now live and being used daily by dozens of users.

The main module that was successfully launched is the GIS service center- a module for editing, maintaining, updating and publishing the most up to date geo-spatial data for all the other enterprise users.

These days Sivan Design are working closely with the client to integrate more modules with the existing third party solutions such as CMS (costumer management system), finance system, SPMS (store and procurement), TMS (transport management system), MWFM (mobile work force management) etc., using a standard based enterprise integration bus to enhance interoperability by unlocking information silos.