Sivan Design continues ZILMIS project

In 2013 Sivan Design was awarded by the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources (MLNR), Zambia, to design, develop, install, train and maintain Zambia Integrated Land Management Information System (ZILMIS). The system was successfully commissioned and is currently in operation.

ZILMIS importance for the public and government is great. ZILMIS facilitates use of land resources which achieved Greater tenure security, improved people’s quality of life, Increased government taxes revenue and increased the availability, accessibility and affordability of land services.

ZILMIS is based on GeoERP/LAPS technology – Sivan Design’s unique technology for LIS (Land Information System)/Cadastral GIS. It is currently operating and serving more than 200 users with hundreds of daily transactions done through the system.

In the beginning of 2018 the MLNR awarded Sivan Design ZILMIS II, the continuing project of ZILMIS. ZILMIS II includes ZILMIS system upgrade, addition of new function to ZILMIS and support.

Among ZILMIS II new features are: GeoERP Server Upgrade, Support Oracle 12, Calendar form tool, Admin utility permissions, Map report wizard and Map windows.

In addition, Sivan Design made performance improvements and bug fixing to the exiting ZILMIS system.

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