5D Multi-Purpose Land Information System 5DMuPLIS

Project Name: 5D Multi-Purpose Land information System

5DMuPLIS was created in an effort to simplify and refine the accuracy of the management, and integration of the complex nature and great amount of information needed to handle the high demands of a modern, and constantly changing urban environment. As the world changes we have the need of a more sophisticated system that can give us information on how cities change economically, environmentally, as well as socially and demographically, The system will be based on existing 3d packages for integrating and managing various types of information (financial, architectural, topographical, cadastral, valuation, engineering, ownership, etc.) from governmental, regional and local databases at 3d spatial dimensions plus time plus scale.

Sivan Design is one of the partners in this project, in the Israeli part that will develop the prototype in the web (in the Cloud) while the Greek part will develop add-ons for desktop applications. The idea is to have one application in each country to test the product for cadastre applications and property rights redistribution after the implementation of urban regeneration/redevelopment reforms, and will be traded in both countries, as well as the global market, since it will serve the needs in both developed and developing countries.

Other partners in the consortium are:

  • GEOSYSTEMS HELLAS S.A. (Project Coordinator – Greek side)
  • The Laboratory of Photogrammetry of the National Technical University of Athens
  • Laboratory of Computing and Cognitive Vision, Information Technologies Institute (ITI)
  • Sivan Desing LTD. (Project Coordinator – Israeli side)
  • Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
  • Survey of Israel


5DMuPLIS kick off meeting took place in Athens on 16th of July, 2014

It was hosted by GEOSYSTEMS HELLAS S.A.


5DMuPLIS kick off meeting





Sivan Design Presentation

On behalf Sivan Design, Carmi Zion (Product Manager) presented in details the first phase of the 5D MpLIS project focusing on the Israeli side. He described the web-based software 3D GIS in the Cloud, presenting its uses and applications in the Israeli Cadastre taking into account the 3 dimensions. Furthermore, Carmi Zion presented the objectives, challenges and milestones of the project and described the next moves for the further development and amelioration of the software. Also he presented the Live Demo of the software 3D GIS in the Cloud carrying out various applications such as 3D buffering, on the fly constructions, topology connections etc.