App for iPad and Smartphone

Your On-site GIS Expert Colleague

The 3D-GIS in the Cloud App for iPad and Smartphone allows its users to navigate the city and its underground in 3D, collect and report spatial information about buildings and infrastructures, and perform three dimensional GIS analysis. The App extends the reach of GIS beyond the office and allows organizations to make collaborative and accurate business decisions in both field and office environments.

The 3D-GIS in the Cloud App offers all the 3D views and 3D analysis features available in the 3D-GIS in the Cloud application. The iPad App is an excellent tool for organizations that wish to keep their GIS information current with ease and supply their on-site personnel with the most current information to perform their tasks more efficiently and reduce possible disinformation errors.


app-downloadThe 3D-GIS in the Cloud iPad App is available for free* download from the App Store. Versions for Android and other Smartphone devices are expected to be released shortly.
*The App requires a valid user name and password which can be obtained from Sivan Design sales department.

iPad 3D-GIS in the Cloud Screen Shots