* The practice files can be found for download from the On-line Training Materials link here.

CivilCAD webinar November 2022




Webinar Technical Session

Technical Session Highlights:

  • Filtering DWG coordinates to be used as surfaces.
  • Design demonstration for water supply and sewage systems.
  • Demonstration of a comprehensive approach for roads design.
  • The BIM concept
  • Agile approach to design changes
  • Advanced capabilities
  • Technical Q&A

ZWCAD 2022 Launch & ZWCAD Civil demo

ZWSOFT & ZWCAD 2021 Highlights

ZWCAD Civil Demo, Including:

  • Capabilities starting with its design environment
  • The BIM concept
  • 1-2-3 to roads design
  • Agile approach to design changes
  • Reports and plots
  • Advanced capabilities

Webinar Civil Solution from Sivan Design

Sivan Design and ZWSOFT are proud to present ZWCAD Civil – the ultimate Plan and Design solution for Civil Engineering.

This Webinar introduces ZWCAD Civil

software capabilities starting with its design environment and smooth interaction with the drawing environment, 1-2-3 to roads design, agile approach to design changes, reports and plots, and advanced capabilities.