Underground Infrastructure Solution for Water Engineering

Note: this product is available in a separate version designated for ZWCAD under the name ZWCAD Civil 10-Pipes

CivilCAD 10-Pipes includes complete set of tools for infrastructure pipelines layout planning including water, sewage, and drainage systems, oil, gas, and cables. Supporting both design and surveying aspects of upper and underground infrastructures, CivilCAD 10-Pipes offers limitless design capabilities.

CivilCAD 10-Pipes intuitive task-based interface supplies the engineer with unique set of tools to easily handle design phases distinctiveness.

CivilCAD 10-Pipes Features:

Pipeline Layout Design

  • Pipelines alignment and layout tools
  • Display the pipeline’s name near the manhole
  • Ability to locate in the layout a crossing point between pipelines chosen from Crossing window
  • Pipelines alignment and layout tools
  • Actual size manholes, pillars and pipes display in both layout and section design
  • Layout extraction from drawings
  • Crossing underground infrastructure adjustment


Detailed Section Design:

  • Receptors Invert Levels are displayed in the section’s drawing table
  • Broad toolset for defining pipeline depth, slopes, drops, manholes depth, manholes diameter, etc.
  • Broad toolset for defining pipeline depth, slopes, drops, manholes depth, manholes diameter, etc.
  • Automatic air valves design capabilities to shorten design process
  • Interactive updates between section and layout design
  • Simultaneous presentation of existing and designed ground levels
  • Detailed crossing infrastructures including depth and diameter
  • Water pressure valves positioning along a pipeline feature

Comprehensive reports and plotting

  • Volume calculations report generation
  • Detailed reports: IPs- manholes, depth and size, designed data table
  • Discharges report
  • Automatic division of sections according to the paper size for plotting

Reservoirs and Dams Design

  • Unique method for reservoirs, dams and ponds design (require CivilCAD 10-Roads)
  • Balanced earthworks calculations
  • Production of operational plans (scraper plane and sections)
  • Levels based capacity computations
  • Multi ponds design supporting shared embankments and slopes
  • Special features allowing reservoir bottom-surface elevations design

*If installed together with CivilCAD 10-Roads, the software supplies a unique method for reservoirs and dams design that allocates Earthworks balancing, production of operational plans (scraper plane and sections) and capacity computations for the different levels. Simplicity and easy to use, in combination with the integration between the different models (layout, section, systems compatibility), all create a dynamic work environment setting the user one step ahead.