CivilCAD/ZWCAD Civil Tutorials

 Introduction Tutorials

The Following tutorial includes an introduction to the software – how to use projects, the “Noname” and “Prototype” projects, configurations, loading coordinates text file and display the points in the drawing etc.

Using Projects and Coordinates



 Pipeline Tutorials

The Following tutorial Demonstrates how to plan Pipelines in the software including sewage drainage and water supply

Using Pipelines list, Layout and Sections



 CivilCAD/ZWCAD Civil for beginners – First Lesson

Introduction to CivilCAD/ZWCAD Civil, Working with coordinates editor.

How to start a Project


 CivilCAD/ZWCAD Civil for beginners – Second Lesson

Topography contours-boarder, Breaklines, Practice.

 How to create Surface and Calculate Volumes



 Roads Design On-line Workshop – Day 1

Introduction to the user interface, The Topography coordinates editor, Topography contours, Break-lines, Filtering.

How to start road Design



 Roads Design On-line Workshop – Day 2

Building a horizontal alignment by polyline, using the H. Alignment toolbar, VerEdit and its interaction with the lower design table, expansion of existing road and the second new road

Horizontal and Vertical Alignment



 Roads Design On-line Workshop – Day 3

Cross Section, Side Ditches, Earthworks, Printing + Frames Maker


Cross Sections and Frames Maker



 Roads Design On-line Workshop – Day 4

Super Elevations, Extract–introduction and preparing the layout, Extract window, Cross sections


Super Elevations and Extract



 Roads Design On-line Workshop – Day 5

Drainage –Pipes list and pipes layout, Section, Crossings and reports, Retaining walls –Walls list and H. Alignment, V.Alignment, Dimensions


Underground Drainage and Retaining Walls



 Webinar Civil Solution from Sivan Design 

Sivan Design and ZWSOFT are proud to present ZWCAD Civil – the ultimate Plan and Design solution for Civil Engineering.

This Webinar introduces ZWCAD Civil

software capabilities starting with its design environment and smooth interaction with the drawing environment, 1-2-3 to roads design, agile approach to design changes, reports and plots, and advanced capabilities.



Road Design Tutorials

This part will discuss one of the program’s main options – Roads Design. The process of Roads Design includes many aspects to which the program, as a whole, answers to. The arrangement of fields and lots at the side of the road, is not specified in this chapter, and can be read about in great length in chapter 6 -“Computation of Earthworks Volumes Using Planes”. This chapter will discuss design phases that include:

Roads Earthworks

Basic Road Design


Create Road’s Super-Elevation

Urban Roads Design Using ‘Extract’



Creating Contours Tutorials

In this chapter we will explain how to create contour lines. Starting with the most basic procedure. Preceding, we will discuss additional options and finally advanced issues like defining breaklines.

Generate Contours by Importing Coordinates from as Ascii File


Defining The Contours’ Border

Creating Pipelines Tutorials

In this chapter we will explain how to design pipelines. We’ll Start with the pipeline layout. Preceding, we will show how to create pipeline’s section, view crossings and finally generate various reports.

Design Water Supply, Sewage and Drainage Pipelines


Computation of Survey Data Tutorials

In the following tutorial we’ll demonstrate how to run the traverse adjustment procedure in order to calculate the correct coordinates accordingly.

Traverse Adjustment

More Tutorials:

Civil Simulate Tutorials