More Than a Software Developer

Sivan Design develops a range of enterprise level GIS solutions that meet the requirements of both governmental agencies and private organizations. These solutions become useless without complementary services that are needed to attain all the benefits that can be achieved from the implementation of GIS. Sivan Design offers professional and managed services that are based on over 15 years of practical experience and tight cooperation with its varied clientele.

Turnkey Solution Provider

The requirements involved around commissioning a successful GIS based project these days, goes beyond a simple purchase and installation of a software package. Today, GIS is expected to be integrated into various industry-focused services that were not thought of until not so long ago. Therefore, in order to achieve the utmost from the GIS, it is expected from the solution provider to supply all the complementary perquisites.

Sivan Design provides a complete from-start-to-finish turnkey service. Clients can rest assured that the deployment of their GIS project will be done professionally, seamlessly adapt to the organization’s business work-flow, and will provide them with the utmost that can be gained from GIS.

Professional Services

Sivan Design delivers a range of professional services that make the implementation of a GIS project a successful one. The services are provided throughout the project implementation phases and include customized industry-focused solutions to match the organizational needs. These services range from the facility establishment, via transfer of existing data and technologies, to customization and exclusive developments that are tailor-made to meet the organization workflow.