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  • Starting as of August 1, 2019, we are no longer supporting former versions of CivilCAD/ZWCAD Civil. The only support will be given to CivilCAD 10 and ZWCAD Civil 10​.
  • CivilCAD 10/ZWCAD Civil 10 minimum requirements are Windows 10, AutoCAD 2017 and up (when applicable), ZWCAD 2019 and up and Bricscad 2018 and up (when applicable).​
  • Notify all ZWCAD users (or trial users) that the latest ZWCAD Civil 10 does not properly works with the standard ZWCAD 2021 SP2. To ensure proper system function, please download the ZWCAD 2021 SP2 hotfix version from here (the document in the link will provide you with instructions to your preferred language link) and install. If you have another ZWCAD 2021 version on your computer, please do not forget to uninstall it before installation of the downloaded version.

CivilCAD 10.2/ZWCAD Civil 10.2 Setup

Posted: September 23, 2021

This setup is for the Software clients only. For a trial version, please download using the Download Trial button below.

IMPORTANT – Please uninstall any prior versions of CivilCAD before installing this version.
Detailed installation instructions and configuration are provided in the following hyperlinks:

 CivilCAD 10.2/ZWCAD Civil 10.2 Installation Instructions

 CivilCAD 10.2/ZWCAD Civil 10.2 Configuration Instructions

Software Updates

  • Full support for AutoCAD 2017 and up, ZWCAD 2019 and up, and BricsCAD 18
  • The applications provide better performance and require less computer resources
  • Suitable for windows 10
  • Net Framework 4.5 Support
  • Core New Features and Improvements
  • Windows Forms is easier to use and lighter weight for simple scenarios
  • Improve the software stability


 CivilCAD 10.2/ZWCAD Civil 10.2 Software Update

Posted: September 23, 2021

The Software updates will allow you to enjoy the latest and improved version of CivilCAD 10/ZWCAD Civil 10, including new features, Bug fix and better performance. The update is free for CivilCAD 10/ZWCAD Civil 10 users.

Detailed upgrade installation instructions and configuration are provided in the following hyperlinks:

CivilCAD 10.2/ZWCAD Civil 10.2 Software Update Instruction Hebrew

CivilCAD 10.2/ZWCAD Civil 10.2 Software Update Instruction English


 CivilCAD 10.2/ZWCAD Civil 10.2 – Full Package Trial Download

Posted: September 23, 2021

Download 30 days trial version of CivilCAD 10/ZWCAD Civil 10 Full Package

Once installed, you can experience for yourself the enhanced productivity in your daily work, as well as future projects. To receive further information about our full range of products, please contact your local distributor or

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