Road Performance Monitoring and Management System

Project Name: PMMS – Road Performance Monitoring and Management System
Client: Federal Ministry of Works – PPP (Public Private Partnership) Department
Country: Nigeria

PMMS goal is to establish a GIS based Roads Management System (RMS) which will enable the preparation of roads for PPP projects, monitoring and controlling during the construction and operation phases, and administration of all the road assets.


Client Needs

The PMMS project help the client achieve major planning and inspection issues particularly:

  • Enabling automated Road Concession Management – Maintenance concept for the bidding phase and support in calculation an offer price
  • Project monitoring according to the terms of the concession contract
  • Tool for controlling and monitoring road network during concession operating phase
  • Creating specific work plans for maintenance, rehabilitation and reconstruction
  • Evaluating budget requirements to obtain current and future levels of services for the roads
  • Ability to quantify the required amount of resources: equipment, material and personnel for periodic and routine maintenance activities
  • Allocating the available funds under an economic optimization framework


Description of the services provided

PMMS is a turnkey project that would store and process roads inventory, condition, and other related data, for roads maintenance and rehabilitation planning purposes.

The long term goals include creating a database containing road inventory, engineering and economic data, collecting and storing the condition of Nigeria’s roads and its surrounding assets and optimizing these treatments under engineering–economic framework, to maximize economic benefits under a budget constraint.

Sivan Design provided the client with special machines and equipment used for different phases of the analysis process all mounted on a dedicated Mercedes Sprinter.
The equipment included the following capabilities:






Fully equipped Road Survey Vehicle provided and operated by Sivan Design
Control units inside the vehicle


The most comprehensive system would be useless if its users would not have the knowhow on how to benefit from it. Sivan Design, in tight collaboration with the ministry personnel, carefully studied their needs and was able to design business processes to meet PPP regulations. Following system assembly, PMMS users were thoroughly trained from GIS capabilities to the operational procedures of the car and equipment.

The project is being executed in tight collaboration with Yona PMS a leading provider of Asset and Pavement Management systems. For further information on Yona PMS visit