UNRA CMS – Contract Management System

Project Name: UNRA CMS – Online Integrated Analytical Contract Management System
Client: Uganda National Road Authority (UNRA)
Country: Uganda

The Online Integrated Analytical Contract Management System is designed to manage civil engineering contracts and enhance performance management information for UNRA executives through comprehensive, quick, accurate, integrative and up-to-date capabilities.

The system is designed by Sivan Design following an in-depth review of UNRA’s relevant documents and existing information systems, and after interviewing UNRA’s officials to highlight flows and constraints in their organization activities.

The system is planned to monitor, evaluate and report of data flows between the contract details and their execution. Within a single and intuitive interface, the system will merge information from different sources and formats such as projects management systems, accounting software, geographic information and reporting documents.

The system core will be located in UNRA’s headquarter in Kampala and will be available for remote access over the web. Supervision consultants from project management offices and nationwide maintenance stations will be able to connect to the system and feed it with up-to-date and critical contract performance information.

Additional goal expected to be achieved from the system is to standardize contracts performance reporting procedures. The system is planned to automate electronically hardcopy procedures of projects performance reporting and analysis. The contract information and critical performance information will be analyzed based on Earned Value Analysis (EVA) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

The outcome of the information analysis will be presented by the system in the form of Red Flags, Graphs, Reports and Dashboards. The analysis will allow a comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date monitoring and evaluation of UNRA’s contracts performance.