Metzer Engineering Design & Consultancy Services

Foresight Proposed CAD Design to the Common

“Creating visualizations was very intricate. We needed the capability to enable us to create and easily revise visualizations”
Oz Metzer, President and CEO – Metzer Engineering Design & Consultancy Services


Headquartered in Israel, Metzer engineering specializes in comprehensive civil engineering and infrastructure projects, conducting turn-key engineering projects throughout Africa and the Middle East in the areas of transportation, drainage and flood control, water supply, sewage and drainage, and electricity supply. For more than 30-years, the firm has served ministries, municipalities and other public bodies and organizations as well as individual and private clients in Israel

Key business issues:

Mezer needed a solution that would help envision the end-result of a proposed project so that any community member, executive, or government official could foresee the end-result of a proposed design. Outsourcing visualization was unwieldy, as it did not allow for the designers to dynamically update design simulations as part of the project design process. To meet this challenge, the firm selected Sivan Design’s CivilSimulate visualization solution.
Today Mezer communicates its designs using 3D visualizations that include drive-through and walk-through simulations from all possible viewing angles. CivilSimulate visualizations proved extremely effective in dealing with local community concerns for environmental esthetics of infrastructure projects and accordingly attested to be an effective project selling tool.


  • leverages the firm’s competitiveness as an effective project selling tool
  • Integrated with Autodesk Civil3D and does not require comprehensive training to produce compelling visualizations, as designers can create powerful simulations directly from within their AutoCAD Civil3D project.
  • Reduced visualization outsourcing costs by 70%: supplements the core skills of the firm with simulation expertise.
  • Revised Visualizations on updated projects save 90% time, taking 2-hours on average and is an integral part of the project design process.