Empowering Land Audit in Zambia through technology

Presentation by Shlomi Sivan at
The World Bank – Washington DC, March 14-18, 2016

Zambia is divided into 10 provinces whereas the entire Land and Land statutory rights (tenures) are vested and managed by the Zambian government through the Ministry of Lands, Natural resources and Environment Protection. The ministry is divided into 3 land operational departments – Lands (headed by the commissioner of land), Lands & Deeds (headed by the chief registrar) and Survey department (headed by the Surveyor General). The ministry operates its land activities from the H.Q in Lusaka (The capital), another central site at Ndola (second biggest city) and 9 other provincial offices in the respective provinces. The total population of Zambia is about 13M people, and the total area is about 753K SQ/KM.

The government of Zambia embraced a mass titling program under the Land Audit exercise. With an objective to issue titles to every land owner, either customary or statutory, the government is on the process of a multi stages program whereas a strong robust and comprehensive Land Management Information system is the first stage in this program.

ZILMIS, Zambia Integrated Land Management Information System serves as the hub for the Land Audit program, and is in full operation since 06-2014. The system is currently being used by more than 200 concurrent users daily, including Intake clerks at the service center, cashiers at account department, Land officers in Land department, Surveyors in Survey department, Deed officers in Land & Deed department and more.

The system was developed using Sivan Design’s GeoERP and LAPS technologies. These technologies were developed over a period of 10 years prior to ZILMIS project inception. The experience that was gathered along these years both on technology and project management methodologies, led to a successful project implementation.

Currently, the government started the second phase of the Land Audit program which is Mapping and NSDI. The government also about to expand ZILMIS capabilities focusing on a better service to the public through on-line and SMS services. This document will provide an overview of Zambia Land Audit use case with focus on current achievements and future initiatives.


Web interface for on-line services.
Public access – this example is from another use case of Bauchi state in Nigeria



Main system interface – at the background are the list of main tasks, File tracking (Covered)
and direct connectivity to EDRMS for the extraction of a Survey Diagram


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