Unveiling of 3D-GIS Went Beyond Expectations at AU2010

Sivan Design’s expectations were exceeded by the excellent feedback and hype created when it revealed its newest breakthrough web application – the 3D-GIS. Visitors and reporters were lined to view the live demonstration presented at the booth. Shlomi Sivan, Sivan Design’s CEO, was interviewed by several media representatives and gave detailed explanations about the application and detailed the company’s long term vision and targets.



Shlomi Sivan, Sivan Design’s CEO, showcases 3D GIS at Autodesk University 2010


3D GIS creates a detailed 3D environment from existing GIS data. The application stands out by the subterranean views of underground infrastructure it provides on top of upper ground elements such as roads, buildings, etc. For further information about 3D-GIS visit www.3d-gis.com.